About Us




New Hope for Eastern Oregon Animals was incorporated in 2010 as a charitable non-profit organization to benefit animals in Eastern Oregon. Our goal is to improve the lives of animals through kindness, understanding and respect. Our purpose is to rescue and rehabilitate dogs in Eastern Oregon, increase awareness of animal well-being, and encourage a caring and safe environment for animals.


*Incorporated in Oregon as a Non Profit Organization in February 2010


*Tax Exempt Under SECTION 501(c)3 of the IRS CODE

Phone: (541) 403-2710 


P.O. BOX 146

Baker City, OR 97814

Our educational center, office and multi-purpose building:


3325 K St. in Baker City, OR

(Please call, we are not staffed at this office location)






 Animals and people living in harmony.




Improving life for animals through kindness, understanding, and respect.




Implement programs to rescue and rehabilitate dogs in Eastern Oregon by providing the means to correct behavioral deficiencies, enabling them to become adoptable. 


Provide opportunities for inmates to gain job skills in dog training. 


Increase awareness of animal well-being by encouraging and fostering a caring and safe environment. 


Promote spaying or neutering of companion and feral animals 




  Board of Directors


Board Chair: Dick Haines



Board Members: Karen Skeen, Dick Haines, Linda McEwan 



President: Judy Stewart (interim)



Vice President: TBD



Secretary: Marianne Klingler



Treasurer: Jeanie Dexter



Contact phone for Board/Officers: 541-403-2710






 Organization Meeting Schedule:

Board meetings are open to the public. If you are interested in attending a meeting, please call for information regarding dates, times and locations of meeting. Please go to the 'ELECTIONS' page if you are interested in apply for a position.