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Powder Pals is a cooperative program between New Hope and the Oregon Department of Corrections Powder River Correctional Facility in Baker City, OR in which inmates train dogs to correct behavioral deficiencies, including dogs that have been neglected and abused.  This gives an otherwise difficult-to-place dog, often facing euthanasia, a chance for a future and placement into a loving home.


This program was developed in collaboration with the Oregon Department of Corrections-Powder River Correctional Facility, Baker City Police Department, Baker County Sheriff, County Commission Chair Fred Warner, Best Friends of Baker, Inc., and the Animal Clinic.


Implementation of the Powder Pals Program was made possible by a generous grant from the Leo Brookshier Trust and from individual donations.  Program costs include acquisition of infrastructure to house and handle dogs, medical and temperament testing, training materials, and daily operating expenses.  The program is operated by volunteers, including experienced dog trainers who volunteer to teach inmates dog training skills.



This program operates entirely on charitable contributions.  

Your support is greatly appreciated!

Dogs Currently in Our Program


Decker is a 2 year old male german shepard/cattle dog mix. Stay tuned for more info on this amazing guy!!



Cooper is our first dog in the Powder Pals program. He is a yellow lab. We are unsure of his history, but he clearly has had little or no training in his past.   He is a friendly, intelligent, happy dog and so far has excelled in the training program.




Tilly entered as Dog #2 to the Powder Pals Program on March 15, 2011.   Our best guess of Tilly's breeds are Great Dane, Pit Bull, and something else!   She is incredibly smart, energetic and affectionate.  She is adjusting to her new training regiment very well, and getting some much needed exercise!