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Dogs Currently Available for Adoption

This section represents what New Hope for Eastern Oregon Animals is about - finding  
         lasting and loving home for animals. Take a look, you may find the perfect
                dog for you! If not, check back often, this page is updated regularly!


Cooper is our first dog in the Powder Pals program. He is a yellow lab and recently graduated from the Powder Pals Program!

He is a very loyal, mellow guy and he loves to retrieve his toy!  He has had a leg injury in the past which means he must be careful with his exercise routines.   He has excelled at all of his training, and has a very loving and social personality.

*Adoption applications for Cooper will be accepted through Tuesday, April 12th

Click here to fill out an online adoption application for Cooper*  




Tilly is our second dog in the Powder Pals program. She is likely a Great Dane/Pit Bull mix and is currently in training at Powder River Correctional Facility.

Tilly is incredibly smart, energetic and affectionate. She is adjusting to training very well, and getting some much needed excercise in the Powder Pals Program.

*Adoption applications for Tilly will be accepted through Saturday, April 12th

Click here to fill out an online adoption application for Tilly* 

*The adoption donation for each dog is $200.  This helps us cover the cost of neuter/spay, vaccinations, and medical exams. Please note that the adoption fee doesn't not cover all of our costs, and any additional donation will be greatly appreciated!

If you are interested in adopting a dog from the Powder Pals Program, please fill out an online adoption application, or print out this form and mail to:

New Hope For Eastern Oregon Animals

P.O. BOX 146

Baker City, OR 97814